ETERTEC GmbH & Co KG has expertise working throughout Europe in the fields of pipe systems for potable water, sewage, hydropower, and industry, as well as shafts and reservoirs. We focus on GRP and steel pipes, but also offer solutions for relining, storage systems, and special profiles. ETERTEC GmbH & Co KG is AMIBLU GmbH’s exclusive general business partner for GRP pipes in Austria.

Budaplast’s production of GRP pipes in Hungary began in the second half of the 1970’s. According to the experiences of production, reconstruction and operation of pipelines in the past three decades the products known under the trade name Budaplast play a determining role in the construction and reconstruction of public pipelines.

We are an independent and certified company specializing in leakage testing and channelTV. We create computer assisted completion certificates that comply with standards and guidelines such as EN805,EN1610, B2503, EN13508. The measurements are documented electronically and digitally allocated to our clients.

We offer the following services:

Leakage Tests:

We undertake leakage tests of ducts, chambers, pump stations, purification plants, hydropower plant pipelines, pump leads and snow-making facilities for you. Tightness certificates are made with our calibrated equipment.


We reliably inspect and check the constructional condition of pipes with our sewage cameras.

We can examine all pipe profile within DN30mm and DN2500mm. We provide our recordings digitally and these offer the following possibilities:

  • Final inspections of channels
  • Cadaster inspection
  • Elevaton of the current state
  • Deformation measurement
  • Deviation measurements

Anlagentechnik Spörr GmbH is a young, dynamic company in the field of facility construction in Innsbruck. Experienced specialists and organized business management allow us to cover a very wide range of metal trades. Anlagentechnik Spörr GmbH is committed to a high standard of quality, and expects this of its suppliers as well as its employees.

In addition to proven standard solutions, which are winners thanks to their high quality and are immediately available off the shelf, Steeltrade is also happy to offer specialized individual solutions to its ever-increasing customer base. Our customers particularly benefit here from our many years of experience with the construction material stainless steel, and the appropriate pipe fittings.

GFK Solution GmbH conducts business all over the world in the field of GRP reservoirs and GRP facility construction for industry, with decades of experience. In particular, we are the go-to company in the field of molded construction and for special solutions made of GRP.

SailerBrothers Filmproduction has been producing corporate and business videos and social media video clips since 2009.
Construction site documentation videos are a core area of our film production.
We don’t just present the work itself; we also always tell a great story along with it.

STRAUB – The Right Connection


STRAUB Werke AG in Wangs, Switzerland was setting more than 50 years ago a milestone with its pioneering accomplishment in pipe connection technology.

Still today, the STRAUB concept remains the benchmark for safe, durable and economical pipe connections.